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What is a Visit Visa?

A visitor visa for any country is a kind of nonimmigrant visa permitting you to stay in a specific country for a certain period of time. 

Generally, as a temporary visitor in a country, you can either attend short-term business activities, visit family/friends, or go as a tourist. A visitor visa also allows you to visit overseas for medical treatment.

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    What can I do on a visit visa?

    Generally, activities permitted on a visit visa include – 

    • Tourism 
    • Vacationing 
    • Visiting relatives
    • Meeting up with friends
    • Attending a business conference 
    • Negotiating a business contract
    • Medical treatment
    • Holding consultations with business associate
    • Taking part in short-term training  

    Work or study (unless a short recreational course of study as a hobby etc.) is not allowed while in a country on a temporary visitor visa. If you enter as a tourist/visitor, you will have to apply to get your status changed or switch to another visa category before you can work or study in a foreign country.

    Things to know about the visitor visa – 

    • Usually hassle-free
    • Obtained easily
    • Must have a genuine reason for specific travel purpose
    • Proof of funds needed 
    • A visa interview might be held
    • Biometrics usually required
    • Might be granted for – three to six months

    What are the types of visitor visas?

    Different kinds of visitor visas are available, depending on the reason behind traveling to a particular country. Each of the countries have their own eligibility criteria and application process.  Visitor visas can be classified based on the reason for travel – tourism, visiting family/friends, business, or transit.  Additionally, the different types of visas available can be as per the number of entries allowed. A visit visa can be – single entry, double entry, or multiple entry.

    • Visitor Visa/Tourist Visa
      This type of visa is required by the host country purely for visiting and tourism purposes. Rules and regulations for this type of visa are normally found on the host country’s embassy or consulate website.
    • Business Visa
      This visa is required by those planning to conduct business in the host country. It is useful for businessmen travelling for meetings in regard to negotiations, sales, and/or research purposes.
    • Work Visa/Employment Visa
      Issued by the host country to allow the visitor to work legally in the country. The process of issuing this visa also differs from one country to another. Processing time for this visa can take anywhere from 10 days to 3 months.
    • Transit Visa
      It is required by some countries emphasizing political security. Transit Visas are required when you land in a country but want to move further within a short period. These visas are generally only good for 3 days at most.
    • Single-Entry, Double-Entry or Multiple-Entry Visas
      These types of visas fall into all of the above categories. Single-entry means that you can only enter the country once. Double-entry means twice, And the multiple-entry visas allow you to enter as many times as you like during the valid period.
    • Sponsored Family Visitor Visa
      This type of visa is issued to family members living outside the host country. It is recommended to avail this for visiting a citizen or permanent resident of the country you are visiting.

    The Benefits of Visiting Oaks Overseas for visit visa

    We provide  many benefits to visiting Oaks Overseas with a visit visa. For one, you will be able to experience the sights and sounds of a foreign country without having to worry about your immigration status. Additionally, you can take advantage of the many amenities and services that Oaks Overseas has to offer, including its world-class facilities and experienced staff. By staying at Oaks Overseas, you will be supporting a company that is committed to responsible tourism and sustainable development.
    And we provide  great opportunity to see different parts of the world and learn about new cultures. Additionally, it can be a great way to meet new people and make new friends. It can also be a great way to learn more about oneself and grow as an individual.

    How to apply for an oaks overseas visit visa

    If you’re looking to travel Oaks overseas and want to visit some of the best places in the world, then you may need to apply for an Oaks overseas visit visa. This type of visa allows you to stay in a country for up to six months, and it’s valid for multiple entries.

    To apply for an Oaks overseas visit visa, you’ll need to fill out an online application form. You’ll also need to provide some supporting documents, such as your passport, proof of travel insurance, and a return ticket. Once your application is approved, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your visa attached.

    If you’re planning on visiting multiple countries during your trip, then you may need to apply for multiple visas. For example, if you’re planning on spending time in both the UK and France, then you’ll need to apply for a UK Visa and a French Visa.

    Before you start your travels, make sure to do some research on the best places to go with a visit visa for Oaks Overseas. This will help ensure that you have a great experience and can make the most of your time abroad.

    What is the processing time for a visitor visa?

    The tourist/visitor visa processing times vary depending upon the nation which is offering you the visa. It also depends on the applicant’s nationality

    What Documents are Required for a visit visa?

    When applying for a visit visa, you will need to submit the following documents:

    1. A completed visa application form
    2. A passport-sized photo
    3. Your passport or travel document
    4. A letter of invitation from your host in Oman
    5. Proof of financial means (e.g. bank statement, credit card)
    6. An itinerary for your trip

    Visitor Visas to the Most Popular Countries

    • Australia
    • Canada
    • USA
    • United Kingdom
    • MALTA
    • SWEDEN
    • FRANCE



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