We at Silver Oaks focus on the amazing benefits of yoga and have designed the curriculum, which improves the following:


At Silver Oaks, we prioritize the incredible advantages of dance and have meticulously crafted our curriculum to enhance the following:

Abacus- UCMAS

Abacus is a universally accepted Complete Brain Development program. Our endeavour through Abacus Program is to  Simplify the learning methods so that every student can rise.


At Silver Oaks Primary School, exploration stands at the forefront of our educational approach, fostering an environment where young learners are continuously encouraged to discover and delve into the vast realms of knowledge around them. Our classrooms are vibrant hubs of curiosity, designed to inspire students to ask questions, seek answers, and embrace the joy of learning through hands-on activities and immersive projects. This culture of exploration not only enhances academic skills but also builds critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, setting our students on a path to becoming confident, inquisitive.


We believe that learning transcends textbooks and classrooms, emphasizing the importance of real-world experiences to cement understanding and encourage practical application of knowledge. Our curriculum is crafted to integrate meaningful experiences at every turn, from field trips and guest lectures to community service projects and collaborative workshops, each designed to enrich the educational journey of our students. This hands-on approach not only deepens their grasp of academic concepts but also cultivates essential life skills such as empathy, teamwork, and leadership, preparing them to navigate and contribute to the world with confidence and creativity.


Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of our educational offerings, ensuring that each student is challenged and supported to excel in their pursuits. We set high standards for academic achievement and personal growth, creating a culture where excellence is not just a goal but a continuous journey. Our dedicated faculty fosters a nurturing environment that encourages students to push their boundaries, explore their fullest potential, and achieve their personal best. Through a blend of rigorous academics, innovative teaching methods, and a supportive community.

ACE Program

 “Let creativity be your guide, and expression be your voice.”

These activities initially focus on familiarizing a child, step by step, to public speaking, later on engaging them in the same rigorous practice. For every grade, we have a specially prepared curriculum as well as weekly and monthly assessment.

The overall focus of the program includes the following: