Auto Bird

Founded in 2018, AutoBird Technologies is a Ghaziabad, India-based company pioneering the future of drone technology. They specialize in two key areas:

  1. Custom Drone Manufacturing: AutoBird designs and builds drones tailored to your specific needs.
  2. Intelligent Data Solutions: They develop and integrate unmanned aerial systems (UAS) equipped to collect and analyze real-time data.

This data provides valuable insights for various industries, including:

  1. Agriculture: Optimize crop yields, monitor field health, and identify potential issues.
  2. Mining: Improve surveying accuracy, streamline operations, and ensure safety.
  3. Construction: Enhance project planning, track progress, and identify areas for improvement.

Beyond Custom Drones: AutoBird understands that a successful drone solution requires more than just the aircraft. They offer a comprehensive suite of allied services, including:

  1. Spares for UAVs/Drones: Keep your drones operational with a reliable supply of spare parts.
  2. Scalable Battery Solutions: AutoBird offers batteries suited to your specific drone usage and can help you scale your operations as your needs grow.

The AutoBird Advantage:

  1. Intelligent Data Collection: Get the data you need to make informed decisions, faster and at a lower cost.
  2. Improved Planning and Reporting: Streamline your workflows and gain valuable insights for better decision-making.
  3. Reduced Waste and Increased Revenue: AutoBird’s solutions help you optimize your operations and identify areas for improvement.

Advanced Drone Solutions

At Autobird Technologies, we design and manufacture a diverse range of drones tailored to meet the needs of various industries and applications. From aerial photography and surveillance to agriculture and infrastructure inspection, our drones are equipped with state-of-the-art features and capabilities.

Innovative Services

In addition to drone manufacturing, we offer a comprehensive suite of services aimed at maximizing the potential of aerial technology. Our team of experts provides consulting, training, maintenance, and customization services to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance of drones in diverse environments.

Collaboration with SimplyJITH

Autobird Technologies is proud to collaborate with SimplyJITH, a renowned leader in technology and innovation. Through this partnership, we combine our expertise in drone technology with SimplyJITH’s extensive resources and market reach to deliver groundbreaking solutions to our customers.

Focus on Quality and Safety

Quality and safety are at the core of everything we do at Autobird Technologies. We adhere to stringent quality control measures and industry standards to ensure that our drones meet the highest levels of reliability, durability, and safety.

Empowering Industries

Our mission is to empower industries across the globe with the transformative potential of drone technology. Whether it’s enhancing productivity, improving safety, or reducing costs, we believe that drones have the power to revolutionize how businesses operate.