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Hon’ble Finance Minister of Telangana Sri. Harish Rao Thanneeru Garu felicitating Sri. Abhijith Jayanthi Garu during the Award Ceremony at i-Focus Mission Mythree Vaaradhi Event

Abhijith Jayanthi was honored with the prestigious Yuva-Hitha (Youth Icon Award) on August 4, 2019, by the Finance Minister of Telangana, Sri Harish Rao Thanneeru Garu, in recognition of his outstanding contributions as a youth icon. His leadership qualities, innovative initiatives, and commitment to social welfare have made him an inspiration to the youth community. This award underscores Abhijith’s dedication to excellence and motivates him to continue his efforts in bringing about positive change. His passion for social causes and his ability to mobilize others make him a deserving recipient of this accolade, highlighting the significant impact of youth leadership in shaping a better future.

Yuva-Hitha (Youth Icon Award) 04 August 2019

Dr. BR Ambedkar Memorial Award for Distinguished Service (Jan 2022)

Mr. Abhijith Jayanthi, Founder and Chairman of the OLIVE Foundation Trust, received the Dr. BR Ambedkar Award for Distinguished Service. The award was presented by East Godavari District Magistrate & Collector Shri. Hari Kiran Garu. The award is given for outstanding service to the Olive Foundation Trust since its inception:

1) Building free schools for over 600 tribal students and providing free education to them.

2) Unemployed young women and men were provided with jobs, creating over 35,000 job opportunities through job fairs.

3) To help the farmers financially in the field of agriculture and to stand by them through rough times.

As Managing Director of SimplyJITH Holdings, Sri. Abhijith Jayanthi has been honored with the prestigious ESG Impact Leader of the Year Award. This recognition highlights his exemplary leadership and commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles within the business domain. Under his guidance, SimplyJITH Holdings has demonstrated a steadfast dedication to sustainability practices, social responsibility initiatives, and ethical governance standards. Abhijith’s visionary leadership and strategic stewardship have not only propelled the company towards sustainable growth but have also inspired positive change within the industry. This award underscores his unwavering dedication to making a meaningful impact on society and the environment, setting a high standard for corporate leadership in the pursuit of sustainable development goals.

ESG Impact Leader of the Year Award